About Me

Competencies / Education

For 30 years I’ve been working in international industrial companies as HR Manager/Director with leadership responsibility, in a final step at the Hilti Corporation Headquarters in Liechtenstein before I joined the Merck Group in 2020. The industry has significantly affected my thinking and my actions. Due to the experience in different companies and diverse branches I am very close to the practice and reality and can offer a wide range of business knowhow.

Topics like people selection, people/HR development, leadership development, change management, restructuring procedures, diversity & inclusion as well as workshop moderation and training were my daily business over many years and are only a small extract out of my relevant experience.

I have vocational business training, I hold a Master of Social Science, I’m an educated Business- and Management Coach and have gone through a number of training and education courses with certificates. Amongst others there are self-confidence coaching, GROW coaching, Master Reiss Profiles as well as training in General Management, HR Management, Time- and Project Management and of course training around (working) human beings.

Who I am…

My sense of feasibility, my empathy for people and my getting-things-done mentality make me who I am – “Petra”.

The gratification I feel, when I can contribute to the success of a person or an organization, drives me.

My authenticity and my values of “respect” and “responsibility” steer my acting.

I’m listening to you. I bring topics to the point. Result orientation, structure and transparency describe my working style.

If you want to reach a goal, then you have to do something for it. If you want to do something, do it now – and do it right. That is my belief and conviction.

In the nature, in the mountains, in the garden, on the motor bike or in sports halls with table tennis I let off steam (… recharge my batteries…)

Humour is my companion. Laughing until it hurts…. especially about myself.

“All I can do is be ME. Whoever that is…“ Bob Dylan