HR / People Development

An effective people development starts with the identification and assessment of talents and their potential. The right selection of appropriate career models/paths and a well-founded gap analysis help you to fill mid- and long-term your most important key positions internally and hence, to retain the know-how within your company. Furthermore you provide an esteemed working environment and attractive perspectives for your key people.

An important part of the people development is the strengthening of the strategic leadership competence in your management teams for systematic advancement and development of the employees within your company.

I can support you to build up a solid, sustainable HR/people development plan, tailored to your companies’ needs. I can also implement it if you require.

This might cover: recruiting and selection, interview training, on-boarding, performance- and behaviour review, career counselling, succession planning, leadership training, 1-1 coaching, team development, mentoring and outplacement.

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